dimanche 18 mars 2012


"The Spui, at midnight each Saturday, suddenly became the popular centre for everyone who was bored. And everyone is bored. The real importance of The Spui scenes was that they broke the system of isolation, based on permanent movement, characteristic of modern urban control -to rule, divide- and succeeded to a large extent in turning a public space in the middle of the city into a small uncontrolled enclave of freedom. This vortex rapidly grew in together all the city's dissident, bored and aggressive elements. (Beatniks, pleiners, nozems, teddy boys, blousons noirs, gammler, raggare, stiljagi, mangupi, mods, students, artists, rockers, delinquents, anarchists, ban-the-bombers, misfits... those who don't want a career, who lead irregular lives.)"

Heatwave, 2 (1967), cité par Jon Savage dans England's Dreaming (Faber & Faber, édition 2005)

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